We are rebuilding our entire culture and economy on top of computers, which are crazy light switches that turn on and off a billion-plus times per second. Everything is a house of cards. You can point at the house of cards and laugh, or you can sit down at the table... and deal.

- Paul Ford


My name is John Garcia. I engineer, repair, and communicate about computers.

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About me

A day is wasted if you have not learned anything.

John Garcia

Support, DevOps, and Deployment Engineer In Berkeley, CA

For more than ten years, I've trained and assisted developers, system administrators, and executives in building, architecting, and troubleshooting extremely complex computer systems.

By combining a thorough understanding of computers and systems with effective communication methods, I'm able to help both internal and external developers get the most out of their systems.

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I work so humans can get the most out of computers and software.

Syapse, Inc.


Sr. DevOps Engineer/Service Reliability Engineer

While at Syapse, I've been working on cleaning and updating the Terraform and Salt configurations used in production and testing, as well as extensive updating and troubleshooting work on Jenkins. In addition, I worked on internal developer tooling like Docker packaging, build artifact management, and architecture planning. Our team turned in $90,000 per month savings, almost 20% of our total AWS spend, by transforming the applications stack to Kubernetes.

  • Update Terraform/AWS assets
  • Maintain Salt states/pillars
  • Troubleshoot and maintain Jenkins and Linux based Application clusters
  • Implement and maintain Kubernetes and Helm using KOPS and Tiller
  • Consult with developers around Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, and Python best practices
  • Python/Shell/Jenkins(Groovy)/Salt
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform

Radius Intelligence


DevOps Engineer

The Infrastructure Team at Radius built the build-pipeline, managed the AWS infrastructure, and protected the large database assets of the Engineering organization from loss and prying eyes. During my time there, we instituted Ansible and Terraform Infrastructure as Code, created a comprehensive Jenkins + Kubernetes build pipeline, and improved developer onboarding and velocity.

  • Build CI/CD Pipeline
  • Create and Maintain Infrastructure as Code in AWS
  • Documentation Refresh
  • Python/Shell/Jenkins/Ansible
  • Docker
  • Git
  • Amazon Linux Server, CoreOS/ContainerLinux

Mesosphere, Inc.


Platform Support Engineer

I built a world-class Support Engineering team from the ground up at Mesosphere by selecting star performers and providing a nurturing environment to grow. I maintained a consistent Customer Satisfaction rating of over 95% by delivering highly technical and pro-active support over multiple channels, for Enterprise and Open-Source users of DC/OS.

  • Support Large-Scale Customer DC/OS Deployments
  • Implement Support, Reliability, and Log-Management best practices
  • Trained highly successful team members in a “learn by living” environment
  • Scala/Java/Python/Go/Bash
  • CoreOS/CentOS/RHEL Linux Server
  • Docker/Mesos/JVM containers
  • Terraform/Vagrant/CloudFormation Provisioning/Managment
  • etcd/Mesos/ZooKeeper/DC/OS Cluster Operations
  • Git, Networking, journald

Atlassian Pty Ltd


Developer Advocate/Technical Support Engineer

Through three different roles at Atlassian, I guided developers and engineers to the best practices and most valuable outcomes while using Atlassian ALM and DevTools products.

  • Developer Philosopher(Advocate) 2015
  • Bitbucket Support 2014-2015
  • JIRA Server Support 2012-2014

In these roles, I gained exceptional understanding of Linux and JVM troubeshooting and performance. I also developed strong skills for managing customer expectations and experience. Through blogging, knowledge base, and other documentation, I gained Technical Writing skills.

  • JIRA/Bitbucket/Atlassian Suite
  • JVM/Bash/Java
  • Windows Server/Linux Server
My Resume


Do what you do do well.

  • Technical Writing
  • Public Speaking/Training
  • Engineering Peer Support
Let Me Tell Your Story


As an experienced Developer Advocate, Technical Writer, and Support Engineer, I can communicate the purpose and best practices of your product with very high fidelity. I have presented to or trained audiences up to 500, and written production-quality documentation and runbooks for carrier-grade datacenter operations.

Whether training a large group or pairing with a developer to share best practices, I'm at home with any audience or venue. I can speak to the board about our value proposition right after I explain to a developer how to generate and store an access token.

  • Container Operations
  • Datacenter Orchestration
  • Provisioning/Configuration Management
Keep The Lights On


Datacenter operations require a steady hand and careful records to protect your enormous investment. With years of understanding of best practices around high availability as well as documentation, I'm able to build highly reliable systems and document them in a way that makes them maintainable and reusable for years in the future.

  • Docker, Mesos
  • ZooKeeeper, journald, systemd
  • Linux, Network
  • Kafka, Spark, Cassandra
  • Performance Profiling
  • Break-Fix and Maintenance
  • Technical Support
Help Is On The Way


Troubleshooting is hard. This is why it's important to have my seasoned analytical instincts on your team. I have strong general computing, network, and Linux skills to complement my rapid acquisition of any commercial or open-source software code base. I can read and troubleshoot several popular languages, and I have scripting skills needed for performance testing and profiling.

I'm comfortable with JVM profiling and garbage collection tuning, user experience analysis, and integrating systems. I can identify, validate, and reproduce a bug or user issue to prepare it for submission to an interanl development team, and I can help outside developers make their dreams come true by obliterating all blockers to a valuable outcome.

  • Expectation Management
  • Value Generation
  • Brand Building
Love Your Customer

Relationship Management

Customers who trust in you renew. Building customer trust is a careful balancing act of careful expectation management and thoughtful resolution of challenges. When we add value to this by showing the customer best practices and opportunities to grow or utilize new features, we fuel a virtuous cycle that encourages the provider and the customer to greater success.

I have in-depth experience with both enterprise software management process as well as the art of making software, so I'm able to bridge the gap between an agile software publisher and a conventional IT department with its sensible but austere constraints. I work well as either the vendor's or the client's technical representative.

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What i do


Developers write applications. I glue them together and enable them to work.


  • Communications Skills
  • Kernel/Network Operations
  • Application Integration
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I've worked with a huge variety of people and software.