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1:40 of code art: 2014 in Bitbucket seen through Gource

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Bitbucket Visualized


Let's take a closer look.

Code is art. Follow one year of commits.

Spanning a year of Bitbucket repository logs, I chronicle the development of Bitbucket as a New Year's gift for the team. By adding in sensible design elements, I'm able to make it a brand vehicle and also provide appreciation to the team members.

Any Linux or Mac die-hard will tell you that a primary reason for being a Linux or Mac die-hard is this little thing called a pipe, which allows you to pipe the standard output (or stdout) of one program into another. We'll send this into ffmpeg, which will encode it directly into an mp4 file (your codecs may vary). By using the gource -o - option to direct the output to stdout, we can supply the pipe with a stream of bitmaps.

I'm also able to draw viewers to our site by publishing full instructions for leveraging the open-source Gource package to make your own.

  • Category: Branding
  • Date: 02.03.2015
  • Technologies: Git, Linux, ffmpeg, YouTube
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