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Silent, fanless DVCS server suitable to send to the moon.

One of my great joys in life is what I like to call Stunt Computing - doing the improbable in difficult circumstances to show it is possible.

Here's some performance test results to show that it's not a total waste of time. If you have a spare Pi 2 laying around and need a household DVCS server, this is a great way to go about it. For those keeping score at home, we used 50 users ramped over ten seconds with about 40 reqs each.

This project marries the hugely popular Raspberry Pi project with the product I was hawking at the time, Atlassian Stash (now known as Bitbucket Server). By providing performance metrics, I'm able to show that the server is not just functional, but also performant.

  • Category: Technology, Branding
  • Date: 05.14.2015
  • Tech: ARM, DVCS, Testing, Linux, Networking
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