About this Website

Personal Promotion

When you're tired of sending all the same links to new business contacts via email

Organizing and curating my personal achievements

I've had the opportunity to work on a great variety of projects over my time, and having a personal website gives me a great way to show them to the world.

John: So, do you think we could schedule a phone call?

Matthew: Well, I don't know... that's not something we usually do...

John: My team asked me to get in touch because I have connections over there. Do you think we could just have a half hour meet-and-greet?

Matthew: Oh, you're THE John Garcia? How about Tuesday at 3pm?

This site is based on the Cooper template from kwst.net, with a good deal of custom content from me. It's all static HTML/CSS/JS, hosted in Bitbucket with Aerobatic Static Hosting providing the CI/CD pipeline.

My development environment consists of NGiNX managed by Docker, with Atom as an IDE. My beautiful wife Jen Toal of Vettha.com composed the logos; the sidebar picture is my own work, and the hero shot is from the Twitter account of Duxilio.

I develop against Opera.

  • Category: DevOps
  • Date: 01.17.2017
  • Tech: HTML5, CSS3, JS, CI/CD, Git

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